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Video: graduating from a bunny flop to a bunny hop

Video: doing a manual through a dip

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After 5 weeks, I'm on Lesson 11 of 24 in @ryankleech's Manual Master Class which is all about "gaining comfort in a manual while rolling through a dip." I practiced the dip on some small rollers in our local @CROCTMTB skills park here in Northfield (my hometown) last Thursday and got to where I could consistently manual over one. It gave me enough confidence to try a bigger dip at @lebanonhills on Friday. It was psychologically much more intimidating because of the two trees just past the dip. I was reluctant to go fast enough and I wasn't confident that I could correct my direction if I started to lean to one side or the other. After about 10 attempts, all fails to one degree or another, I finally nailed one. Kind of scary but So Much Fun. Course info at mtbskills.net/ryan

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Video: Rocking my front wheel around a tight uphill switchback

Video: big boulders = playground, made possible by track stands, backwards hopping, ratcheting, & 3/4 pedal stroke

FREE until midnight on New Year’s Eve: Ryan Leech’s 12-Ride Flat Pedal Challenge online course.

I’ve been riding with flat pedals since Aug, 2011, about 6 weeks after I began mountain biking. I don’t evangelize about them too much in part because I’ve not delved deeply into the flats vs clipless debate. I just had more fun riding with them. And although I’ve always believe crashing is part of learning, I wasn’t willing to suffer injuries caused mainly by not getting unclipped in time to put my feet down.

So I’m thrilled to see that Ryan Leech, pro rider and elite instructor, has released his 12-Ride Flat Pedal Challenge online course.

It’s FREE until midnight, 12/31/2016 (New Year’s Eve).

Since he announced it a few weeks ago, over 6,000 have signed up.

Here’s his short description of the course:

“A drill-filled guide designed to help you discover the technique and style gifts of flat pedals. I’m NOT trying to convert you to flat pedals. Though if you ride clipless, then you’re missing out on the refinement that logging time on flats can have on your technique. You can then carry this style back to clipless at any time you like! Following my curriculum will speed up the acquisition of these, dare I say, transformative flat pedal benefits.”

Here’s the course overview page with the entire curriculum, testimonials, and link to register, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED:

(Full disclosure: I’ve been collaborating with Ryan on a few aspects of his online venture for the past year or so. I’m also a marketing affiliate, which means I get a small commission for referring people.)

Mountain Bike Geezer teams up with Ryan Leech, pro mountain biker & coach

Ryan LeechI’m pleased to announce that I’m teaming up with pro mountain biker Ryan Leech at his Performance Mountain Biking & Coaching website, RyanLeech.com. As a longtime customer and student of Ryan’s, I’ve seen firsthand how his instructional philosophy mirrors my beliefs that:

  • Online instructional modules should make use of videos, graphics, text, so you can pick your preferred ways to learn.
  • Online instruction should emphasize how you can learn more directly from your experience, guiding your attention to what happens when you do different things so that you become more confident in your ability to learn.

His first two online courses (30-Day Wheelie Challenge; and Baseline Balance Skills) live up to his site’s tagline: “Creating the highest quality, most comprehensive and effective online technical skill training programs for mountain bikers.”  The depth of the instruction (yes, LOTS of drills and exercises) and the superb production quality are impressive.

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