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Video: big boulders = playground, made possible by track stands, backwards hopping, ratcheting, & 3/4 pedal stroke

Video: practicing mtb balance skills in my garage when it’s -5 F outside

Video: hopping backwards to get lined up for a ledge

Video: track stands, hopping, & rocking to get back down a skinny

Video: hopping and rocking on a camelback skinny

Video: putting my newbie hopping skills to use on the trail

Video: Hopping practice, brakes locked

I’ve gotten to where I can hop (also known as a ‘level lift’) with my brakes on in a variety of practice situations, though far from reliably yet. This 2-minute video shows clips from my neighborhood practice session last weekend, including:

  • Hopping down and up a curb
  • Hopping in a quarter of a circle
  • Hopping up and down a slope at an angle
  • Hopping straight down and up a slope