Mountain Bike Skills Network is a new podcast on Mountain Bike Radio

My Mountain Bike Skills Network podcast (show) launched yesterday on Mountain Bike Radio (MBR), a network of offroad cycling podcasts.

Griff Wigley, host, Mountain Bike Skills Network podcast MBR founder Ben Welnak

The first episode is an introduction. MBR founder Ben Welnak (MBR profile here) interviews me about my mtb background and plans for the show.

Mountain Bike Skills Network Podcast

At the 52-minute mark of this initial one-hour episode, I talk about my plans for complementarity between the podcast and the Mountain Bike Skills Network Facebook group. My hope is that the discussions in that online community will provide me with ideas for podcast episodes which I’ll then use to reflect back to the community, furthering the discussion.

Want to know more about MBR founder Ben Welnak?  The Athlete of Fire podcast did a 2104 episode profile him here.

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