Following Michael Knoll on our Konas down the gnarly/technical and fast/flowy COGGS trails in Duluth

Michael Knoll & I rocked and rolled our full squish Kona Process bikes on some fun and challenging COGGS trails in Duluth last week.

We spent the most time in Piedmont’s NIMBY cluster of X & XX technical trails as well as Admiral Rockbar. Then it was over to Home Brew with a stop at the Kissing Booth before ending the day with a run down the Keene Creek trail — 1.5 miles/500 ft of elevation change — an amazing whoop-di-doo run.

Here are three videos of me following Michael on Admiral Rockbar, Kissing Booth, & Keene:

Kissing Booth


I followed Michael Knoll down Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores – COGGS’ Kissing Booth trail yesterday on our Kona Process bikes. It’s an X technical segment off of Home Brew, part of the Piedmont/Brewer system of trails.

Matthew J. Goodman on MTB Project describes it well:

“This is a steep, difficult, narrow, raw, super rocky, hand-built descent. No mandatory air, all the steeps can be rolled.”

The views of the Twin Ports harbor (Duluth MN and Superior, WI) are stunning from many areas of the trail. When I first rode it a few years ago, I assumed that the name ‘Kissing Booth’ came from the tendency of mountain bikers to kiss their significant others when stopped to take in the heart-warming view. Not so, said COGGS board member David Cizmas who had more than one hand in building the trail. It has to do with the trail’s pucker factor 😬

Posted by Griff Wigley on Wednesday, June 28, 2017



I followed Michael Knoll down Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores – COGGS’ Keene trail yesterday at the end of our all-afternoon ride.

Matthew J. Goodman on MTB Project has a good description of the Keene trail:

“There is roughly 500′ of elevation change over the course of this ~1.5 miles of trail, making it one of the most prolonged climbs/descents of the Duluth Traverse.”

This 1-minute video shows just HALF of our ride down Upper Keene. There’s also Middle Keene and Lower Keene. Matt’s description of Upper Keene:

“This section is an open, not heavily wooded, bench-cut traversing the side Keene Creek’s Valley. Descending, there are lots of built-in gaps, tabletops, doubles, and playful features to discover, if you’re looking for them.”

Playful we were on those playful features with our playful Kona Process bikes from The Kona Bicycle Co.

Keene is a stunning addition to the magic of Duluth’s mountain biking wonderland. Props to COGGS and to Rock Solid Trail Contracting, LLC. for building a masterpiece.

Posted by Griff Wigley on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Admiral Rockbar:


A 40-sec vid of me following Michael Knoll on our Konas yesterday on the Admiral Rockbar trail on the cliff portion above Haines Rd,

Rockbar is a XX technical trail that’s part of Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores – COGGS’ Piedmont trail system.

As you can see, there is some exposure. Managing the danger is half the fun! Michael rode it way faster than me. I rode it slow so I could, um, enjoy the view.;-)

Posted by Griff Wigley on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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