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Video: doing a manual through a dip

After 5 weeks, I'm on Lesson 11 of 24 in @ryankleech's Manual Master Class which is all about "gaining comfort in a manual while rolling through a dip." I practiced the dip on some small rollers in our local @CROCTMTB skills park here in Northfield (my hometown) last Thursday and got to where I could consistently manual over one. It gave me enough confidence to try a bigger dip at @lebanonhills on Friday. It was psychologically much more intimidating because of the two trees just past the dip. I was reluctant to go fast enough and I wasn't confident that I could correct my direction if I started to lean to one side or the other. After about 10 attempts, all fails to one degree or another, I finally nailed one. Kind of scary but So Much Fun. Course info at

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Video: Rocking my front wheel around a tight uphill switchback

Video: big boulders = playground, made possible by track stands, backwards hopping, ratcheting, & 3/4 pedal stroke

Video: riding up and down an icy corner

Video: demonstrating side-to-side bike/body separation for holding a line

Video: driveway practice session on three mtb braking drills